BALENCIAGA. Vintage SunGlasses for Women 80s.

BALENCIAGA. Vintage SunGlasses for Women 80s.



Balenciaga has been producing fashionable, trend-setting clothes and eyewear for over 100 years. Cristobal Balenciaga’s reputation for eye-popping vintage eyewear has gained worldwide prominence. The Balenciaga design is larger with a variety of shapes and can accommodate the necessary configuration for popular progressive lenses.


Balenciaga was founded in Spain and is now owned by a multinational company in France. There uncompromising standards put them a head above the rest of the industry with their quality and ingenuity. Balenciaga has 8 exclusive boutiques in the United States and also are sold in many quality big-name stores around the world including Barneys, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom. If you are looking for a brand that constantly pushes boundaries with their styles and materials, explore Balenciaga today.

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    Made in France by the well-known Balenciaga brand, a prestigious Spanish fashion designer, considered one of the most important creators of haute couture. This simple line glasses and elegant "vintage" style will be the perfect frame for the woman's face.

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