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Vintage is the Old New

We are the European Leader in the Vintage industry, specially in SunGlasses. During the last 3 years we have accuaried on being the highestquality supplier of Vintage Sunglasses to the fashion markets.
We have available more than  89.000 uniqueness Vintage SunGlasses for You.

King Of Vintage SunGlasses: Authentic European Vintage Sunglasses, Original and New. First Brands of the 70s 80s and 90s. Always the highest Quality for your new Sunglasses. Glamor, Style and Personality, when things were made to last a lifetime.

Our Quality SunGlasses are Unused.

All of our frames are Unworn 70s 80s to 90s brand name glasses.

Our products come from old factories, design houses and distributors.

Vintage literally means vintage or vintage. It is a term that comes from English, derived from the French vendange (vintage) after semantic, graphic and pronunciation alteration. It designates a wine from a certain year that is remarkable for its quality.

The use of this word by the different wineries to refer to the wines produced by their best harvests has meant that their meaning has derived from all quality old products. It is also used to refer to what, due to its history, meaning, influence or uniqueness, has become a cult object and icon for collectors, and especially to refer to fashion and design after 1900.

The word vintage is used to refer to those garments or accessories that have survived at least twenty years after their creation, becoming a precious classic.

¡We Love Vintage!


The Authentic Vintage Sunglasses

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